Proposed New Chartered Professional Engineers Act for Fiji

The President of the FIE in a meeting with the Prime Minister in 2007 requested the enforcement of the Engineers Registration Act 1978. In 2008 an Engineers Registration Board (ERB) was appointed for a term of 2 years by the Minister. Of the 8 ERB board members, 3 were representatives of the FIE. The FIE realized that the ERB was dysfunctional in the 2 years. Madam Nazhat Shameem was consulted for advice. It was suggested and later agreed that the Engineers Registration Act 1978 was inappropriate for Fiji. It was therefore proposed that a Chartered Professional Engineers Act Fiji (CPEAF) be considered for Fiji. Wider consultation, outside of the membership commenced in July 2010. The Chartered Professional Engineers Act 2002 New Zealand (CPEANZ) was approved as a model for Fiji. To this effect, in early 2011 the FIE in consultation with Madam Shameem made a submission to the cabinet recommending the adoption of CPEANZ as a model for Fiji. In its sitting the cabinet endorsed Madam ShameemÂ’s submission. The government is aware of the efforts and progress made by the FIE and it is hopeful that a new CPEAF will be available soon. Update: Jan 2013 Following a number of consultations in 2012 a draft document titled "Practising Engineers Registration Decree 2012" has been prepared and is currently being finalised before being submitted to cabinet for approval.